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GM, Samsung SDI will build $3 billion battery plant in Indiana

It was going to build fourth battery plant with LG but switched partners

"See-Through" safety trucks

Does the promise of this technology make you feel safer on the road?

Does the promise of this technology make you feel safer on the road?

CES 2018 brings a buffet of automotive tech — here's a taste

Automakers and suppliers will again expose an excess of innovations in Las Vegas

For going on three decades, CES is the reason I don't make New Year's resolutions, like going on a diet or quitting drinking. While I realize that this is certainly a champagne problem, heading to Vegas is not my ideal way to kick off the new year. Or even end it, since I'm not a fan of Sin City. Whereas most people go to Vegas expecting to pig out on all-you-can-eat buffets and engage in all-night drinking and gambling binges, I've made the trek since 1989 to consume as much as I c

Samsung's 'graphene ball' battery could lead to fast-charging EVs

The tech could also boost capacities by up to 45 percent.

Graphene provides more durability and conductivity.

Dysfunctional dashboards: Auto suppliers competing to clean up the cockpit

Cars today are a rat's nest, with 80-120 electronic control units from many manufacturers

It's a $37 billion market that's expected to double.

2017 will be the year the connected car becomes a reality

The future is now.

Your phone, home, and car will all be connected in the Internet of Things.

Samsung EV battery offers 500km range with 20 minutes of charge

Say goodbye to range anxiety (in 2021).

373 miles of driving that can be "fast charged" in just 20 minutes.

Lucid Motors unveils its 400-mile range luxury EV

The EV world has a new long distance champion.

Come take a look at the new IT EV.

Lucid Motors partners with Samsung for next-gen battery tech

Samsung says its new li-ion cells will withstand repeated fast charging

The executive sedan is slated for production in two years.

Samsung buys Harman for $8 billion to gain connectivity know-how

With one fell swoop, the South Korean giant takes hold of a great chunk of tech.

The purchase is the largest ever overseas deal by a South Korean company.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 disaster endangers FCA's Magneti Marelli sale

Exploding smartphones have forced the $3B purchase on the back burner.

Samsung's well-publicized woes with its new Galaxy Note 7 smartphone are stalling Sergio Marchionne's quest to eradicate FCA's debt.

Jeep burned down by new Samsung Galaxy Note 7

A Florida family is out a Jeep Cherokee and a brand new cell phone after a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 left on a charger allegedly burst into flames on Monday and destroyed both itself and the Jeep.

Samsung might buy Magneti Marelli, FCA's parts supplier

The Korean tech firm is looking to diversify and bounce back after falling smartphone sales.

Samsung is buying a stake in a Chinese car maker

The BYD deal is an admission that smartphones are no longer hot stuff.

Neither company is saying much about the new partnership, but the potential is huge.

Samsung shares take $580M dive after one Elon Musk Tweet

Samsung will supply cells for Tesla Energy, not EVs.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Tweeted out that Samsung will not be supplying cells for Tesla's EVs. But it will for Tesla Energy.

Samsung Smart Windshield needs to go into production ASAP

Every once in a while, a concept comes along that makes so much sense that you wonder why it doesn't already exist. The Samsung Smart Windshield is one such example.

Visa thinks your car should pay for its own fuel

They see me payin', they hatin'.

Visa unveiled an ambitious plan to revolutionize fuel payment.

Samsung Connect Auto brings LTE data to your car

Samsung revealed its own take on smarter vehicle tech, called Connect Auto.

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