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Fiat Powertrain Technologies to buy General Motors stake in Polish engine plant

One of the last vestiges of the aborted partnership between Fiat and General Motors is coming to a close. An engine plant in Bielsko-Biala, Poland, has been jointly owned by GM and Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT). FPT has reached an agreement with GM to buy out the American company's stake.

VIDEO: Mock VW ad from Jeremy Clarkson draws criticism

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Now you know: Jeep Wrangler Unlimited can fit 32 people

Now that the newly-designed Wrangler has gained an optional extra set of doors, those wanting a little extra passenger-carrying capability with their off-road ready rough-and-tumble ride have been able to get it in the Unlimited model. Of course, there has been an important unanswered question looming ever since: how many people can fit inside comfortably? Sure, the standard answer might be four, with five being the limit in an absolute pinch, but some enterprising people in Poland had a bit mor

VIDEO: Polish dual-steering fun in a Fiat 126p

Sometimes, when guys get bored, they get inventive. When they get inventive, hilarity often ensues, such as when they add dual steering to a Fiat 126p, reverse the bodywork, and then head out to play in traffic. You know what? Cars that can drive "backwards" and on an angle like defective shopping carts are cool. Extra laughs arrive at around the midway point, when a buddy joins the driver to physically man the second steering

Pole Position: yet another new F1 track?

Saying "Polish Grand Prix" sounds like the start of a joke, but unlike the halfhearted efforts underway in Bulgaria, the Poles might be serious. F1 fever appears to be sweeping the Eastern European country as their first F1 driver Robert Kubica has been shining as a rising star.

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