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Of the many criticisms leveled at the U.S. interpretation of Top Gear, perhaps the most stinging is that the show relies on re-baked ideas lifted wholesale from the grand-pappy of all motoring shows, Top Gear UK. That may be true, but it's also a trick that the producers of the show's various ethnicities have been employing for years. What's more, it doesn't look like it will stop any time soon.

A video of Top Gear Poland's latest antics has leaked to the interwebs, and fans of the OG TG will likely recognize the premise.

The show's presenters have been unleashed on an unsuspecting shopping mall in the middle of the night, and the video shows a Peugeot 107, a Chevrolet Spark, a Smart ForTwo and a Toyota iQ zooming around with a Jaguar XKR. One of these things is most certainly not like the other ones.

We're not entirely sure what the premise behind the clip is, considering that the video lacks any of the tire-squealing glory of the infamous Chevrolet Corvette vs. Ford Fiesta battle helmed by Jeremy Clarkson. Still, we've always wanted to wheel around in the display vehicles in the mall, so the clip at least lets us live out that fantasy. Hit the jump to check it for yourself.

[Source: MotoFilm]

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