Pole Position: yet another new F1 track?

Saying "Polish Grand Prix" sounds like the start of a joke, but unlike the halfhearted efforts underway in Bulgaria, the Poles might be serious. F1 fever appears to be sweeping the Eastern European country as their first F1 driver Robert Kubica has been shining as a rising star.

The target location is the Baltic seaside port city of Gdansk, a regional capital with a population of around one million and ever-increasing transcontinental accessibility. The track would be built on a 450-acre site six miles outside the city, formerly known as Danzig. The mayor is proposing a $200 million investment to build the track and its accompanying facilities, which should be more than enough to construct a thoroughly modern and comprehensive potential host site for a grand prix.

The sport's recent shift away from the predominance of European races could hurt Poland's chances, but the prospect of opening up the former Soviet bloc to F1 could be enough to make the Pole position a compelling case.

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[Source: GrandPrix.com]

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