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Aston Martin tests new Lagonda super-sedan in Oman

Aston Martin has been on a long road towards reviving the Lagonda name. The last Lagonda – that famously wedgy sedan – ended production in 1990. The name came back on a crossover concept in 2009, but for better or worse, never reached production. Then about a month ago, Aston teased a new sup

Aston Martin Lagonda supersaloon gets official with first delivery

Over the past 67 years since Aston Martin acquired the Lagonda marque, the name has come and gone, but now it's back again. After an aborted attempt at reviving the brand with a much-criticized SUV concept at the 2009 Geneva M

First Drive: 2011 Bentley Continental GT

The Velvet Saber Gets a Comprehensive Sharpening

Report: Oman-built electric car will (supposedly) have a 2,250-mile range

Sometimes you come across numbers that simply must be fantasy. That was our first (and only) thought when we read about a new electric car that is supposedly coming with help from the government of Oman. Here's what we mean:

Spy Shots: Toyota Land Cruiser

It's times like these that we really get excited about our readership. Whether it's a longtime gearhead in Seattle, an industry mogul in Detroit or a twelve-year-old whose four-wheeled obsession has just begun, we know that you're out there and that you'll never, ever, let us down.