Spy Shots: Toyota Land Cruiser

It's times like these that we really get excited about our readership. Whether it's a longtime gearhead in Seattle, an industry mogul in Detroit or a twelve-year-old whose four-wheeled obsession has just begun, we know that you're out there and that you'll never, ever, let us down.

This fact was made overtly apparent to us last night when Zaid Abdullatif, a reader in the Sultanate of Oman, sent us these pictures of what could very well be the next Toyota Land Cruiser. Basking in the sun outside of the Shangri-La Hotel and Spa in Oman, the newly redesigned SUV appears to benefit from a thorough work-over, both inside and out.

The exterior has kept the patented rugged-luxury theme with clean lines, a large greenhouse and a revised grill and headlamp arrangement that manages to look both intimidating and tasteful at the same time. The interior, which is easily dismissed as the typical appliance-meets-mobility Toyota philosophy, has the potential to don some upper-echelon cachet when equipped with high-grade leather, soft wooden trim and techno-gadgetry. Also of note is the all-important third row seating, which is a necessity when competing at this price point.

Judging by some of the gashes and scratches in the mule's body, it looks as though the new Cruiser is in the midst of hot weather testing and being flogged in a way that only you and the rest of the Autoblog team could appreciate.

Click on through for the rest of the pics and again, thanks Zaid!

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