Kids trick their dads into thinking they put olive oil in their cars

Sometimes, social media is good

Like humans rely on blood and water to live, cars rely on oil and gas to keep them running in tip-top shape. And in a similar way that humans have numerous types of blood, vehicles have numerous types of oil, such as 10W-40, 5W-30, or 15W-20. One oil never found in an automobile manual is (surprise!) olive. That's where the pit of this internet joke branches off. A Twitter account called @TheDad told its followers to text a photo of an olive oil jug to their dads with the caption, "I put oil in my car and now it's makin' weird sounds?"

The account, which is essentially a feed that embraces the dadness of dads with a focus on dad jokes, has more than 73,000 followers, so there was no trouble getting people to respond. As of this article, it had 125 replies, 100 retweets, and 755 favorites. Dozens of kids have executed the joke to mixed results. Some dads showed zero faith in their kids and immediately started to freak out. One of our favorites was the post seen below, with the dad responding in text, "??? please tell me your kidding." We'll chalk his poor grammar up to the distressing event. One dad really loves his kid: "can't fix stupid."

Other dads seemed to quickly catch on, responding to the bait with something even better: more dad jokes. "It should level out," one said. "If it is good for your heart, it should be good for your car." Another said, "weird noises like "whatsamattayou." One must own a Tesla: "How weird?? Did you try unplugging it and plugging back in? That should work." Here's another one any modern dad could relate to: "I just almost fell off the toilet I'm laughing so hard."

Click on the original tweet and scroll down the replies for a good chuckle.

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