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One Koenigsegg One:1 down, six remain after Nurburgring crash

Koenigsegg was testing for a possible record run. The test didn't end well.

Who will and won't attempt a Nurburgring lap time in 2016

This was a bad year for Nurburgring lap times. A Nordschleife insider predicts what the new year will hold for 'Ring record attempts.

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Nürburgring's continuing woes highlighted on German TV

While Germany's famous Nürburgring racetrack continues to draw automakers and enthusiasts from around the world, the course's newer entertainment and leisure facilities are still struggling to draw visitors. A German news report has taken a closer look at the missteps, miscalculations and shady business practices that have led many of the state-built,

Report: 'Save the Nürburgring' effort not going so well

It seems all the efforts to Save the Nürburgring aren't going all that well. According to eyewitness reports from Germany as relayed by the Axis of Oversteer clan, all those fancy debt-causing buildings and their roller coasters are sitting idle with nary a visitor in sight... still.