It seems all the efforts to Save the Nürburgring aren't going all that well. According to eyewitness reports from Germany as relayed by the Axis of Oversteer clan, all those fancy debt-causing buildings and their roller coasters are sitting idle with nary a visitor in sight... still.

Apparently, there are apparel shops and a BMW dealership without any actual patrons doing any shopping, and the so-called Formula 1 Experience rollercoaster has had its speed cut from over 100 miles per hour to just around 40 due to some shoddy engineering and/or building techniques. Sounds rather un-F1, no?

All of this is bad, but what could be worse are potential plans from the developers to raise the costs of actually driving on the track. Other quick fixes may see the track being rented out for more non-racing events, which will undoubtedly make it more difficult for the true aficionados to actually lap the 'Ring. Read more about the Nordschliefe's woes here. Thanks to all for the tips!

[Source: Save the Nürburgring via Axis of Oversteer | Image: Walter Koch via CC 2.0]

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