While Germany's famous Nürburgring racetrack continues to draw automakers and enthusiasts from around the world, the course's newer entertainment and leisure facilities are still struggling to draw visitors. A German news report has taken a closer look at the missteps, miscalculations and shady business practices that have led many of the state-built, privately operated attractions to remain empty or unusable. In the case of the speed park's roller coaster, originally billed as the world's fastest, key permits were either never applied for or completely missing. That leaves the attraction as an expensive piece of modern art that's otherwise useless.

Business owners in the complex are having trouble meeting their lease payments due to much lower-than-projected tourist numbers, and there's some fear that 140 employees at the park may be sent packing as those outlets start further pinching pennies. Politicians in the area argue the park is still a good investment and that visitors will come to the area in time. Meanwhile, long-time fans of the 'Ring wish the track would simply go back to the way it was. Something tells us that's not going to happen anytime soon. Hit the jump to watch the sad state of affairs on video for yourself.

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