has been running its new, and most certainly badass, SLS AMG Black Series around the Nürburgring of late, doing the sort of high-speed and handling tests that such supercars require to be perfectly super.

Getting the bugs worked out is a good thing though, as these scary images caught by our spy photographers make clear. This particular SLS seems to have crashed and, quite literally, burned while doing some high-speed runs on the Ring. We're told that the car was carrying both a driver and a passenger, and that both walked away from the wrecked exotic before the fire even started. Good on both counts, then.

As we've reported previously, expectations are that this beastly Black Series will produce horsepower figures north of 600, while also shedding weight and gaining strengthened internals. The fire-damaged hulk seen here would seem to indicate that this latest SLS will make use of the standard car's aluminum superstructure, rather than the carbon fiber used for the SLS AMG Electric Drive, however.

Look for the unscathed production version of the SLS AMG Black Series to be formally introduced sometime in 2013, most likely as a 2014 model.

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