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Two Wheels
This design-forward light-up motorcycle helmet is all about visibility and safety

Concept by Joe Doucet would help prevent crashes in the first place

Concept by Joe Doucet would help prevent crashes in the first place.

Watch helmet save woman's life as truck runs over her head

This will make you a believer in brain buckets

This will make you a believer in brain buckets.

Skully reveals Google Glass-like motorcycle helmet [w/video]

The Skully P-1, a motorcycle helmet with a heads-up display, rear-view camera and smartphone connectivity, was unveiled last week at the DEMO Fall 2013 conference, where it was one of five companies to win the DEMO God award.

LiveMap develops augmented reality motorcycle helmet

While mobile navigation for cars has evolved into a staple, in-cabin feature, motorcyclists have been stuck with paper maps and aftermarket solutions for years. A new Russian company is out to change that with a helmet that boasts integrated nav. LiveMap uses a microphone, light sensor, ear phone and mic

Motorcycle helmets help make human Newton's Cradle

Surely you're aware of Newton's Cradle – named after famous physicist Sir Isaac Newton – even if you didn't actually know it was called Newton's Cradle. Click here for Wikipedia's page on the device... okay, got it? Good. So, it's that thing that people put on their desks at work with little metal balls suspended on very thin wires. Pull one side back, let go, and watch the other side act in response.

Innovative rear-access helmet designed for safe post-accident removal [w/video]

Basic helmet design has come a long way since... wait, no it hasn't. Sure, Snell ratings change every few years as our understanding of head trauma increases, but the basic skull bucket remains pretty much the same as it has for decades.

NHTSA orders manufacturer to stop selling helmets. Our heads thank them

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. And again. And again. Until the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tells you that your company is no longer allowed to make helmets and sell them in the United States. Or something like that.

VIDEO: Thermahelm motorcycle helmet is swell. Err... not swell

Thermahelm helmet animation - Click above to watch the video after the break

Put out of its Missouri: State Legislature considers repealing motorcycle helmet law

Few issues out on the open road are as divisive as helmet laws for motorcycle riders. On the one hand, you have individual liberty advocates – many motorcyclists among them – insisting that the government can't tell riders what's best for them. On the other are safety advocates, armed with evidence of increased fatalities where helmets aren't mandatory. Now the Missouri state legislature has sent a bill to the governor that would, if signed into law, repeal the state's mandatory helm