VIDEO: Thermahelm motorcycle helmet is swell. Err... not swell

Thermahelm helmet animation - Click above to watch the video after the break

We're sure this comes as a shock to nobody, but here we go anyway: brain swelling is bad. Very bad. That thick, hard skull surrounding your brain is great at providing a good deal of protection, but when things go awry in a big way, there isn't much room in there to let your brain expand.

Cooling the brain in some manner is apparently a good way to reduce swelling, and a company from the U.K. called Thermahelm has worked up a new motorcycle helmet that incorporates a layer ammonium nitrate and water that instantly mixes in the event of a crash. The chemical reaction will maintain a 37-degree brain temperature, which is said to stave off oxygen loss to the brain.

According to Thermahelm, its technology will add roughly $250 to the cost of a helmet, and the company is currently working on a retrofit kit that will allow riders to install the system in their own helmets. Click past the break to watch a nifty video animating the technology.

[Source: Thermahelm]

ThermaHelmâ„¢ Cooling Helmet in Action

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