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FCA inline-six rumored to be real, headed for Jeep Wagoneer

Might serve most FCA brands, and debut in Wagoneer or Grand Cherokee

Might serve most FCA brands, and debut in Wagoneer or Grand Cherokee.

Fiat Chrysler working on an inline-six to replace the Pentastar V6?

Rumored turbo unit would join format resurgence and save money

Turbocharged inline unit would join format resurgence and save money.

This boat is powered by a jet ski

Who needs a motor?

Who needs a motor?

Jetfoiler Waterboard | Autoblog Minute

The Jetfoiler serves as a training tool for the endeavoring kiteboarder, while opening doors for a new population of riders at the same time. With its use of efoils to power the board and optional cruise control. This board pushes the limits of watersports like never before.

How many speeds make sense for EV transmissions? Probably one

Two Or More Only Make Sense In Big, Heavy Electric Vehicles

ZF's Gerhard Gumpoltsberger says that after lots of math and investigations, it turns out that one speed is plenty in an EV transmission.

Nissan starts Leaf work in Tennessee

While the official start of 2013 Nissan Leaf production in the US isn't scheduled to start for a while yet, but it looks like the Smyrna, TN factory is really starting to get the process in motion now. The picture above appeared on one of Nissan's Facebook pages and the company released a video (available below) about production of the Leaf's ele

Report: GM developing twin-turbo 3.0L V6 to fight EcoBoost

These are the days when V6 engines are getting all the love, and the reasons are obvious. Chrysler has finally got its Phoenix Pentastar V6 on, and down under General Motors recently rolled out the Jonathon Ramsey

Ilmor Engineering builds a five-stroke engine

English engineering firm Ilmor knows all about engine design, having produced powerplants for Formula One, IndyCar, and NASCAR. But its latest internal combustion creation, in contrast to those racing engines, is designed to burn fuel more frugally: a gas-powered five-stroke with diesel consumption.

Autoblog Podcast #89

It's time for Autoblog Podcast #89. Of course we run over what's been in the garage lately – you'll know what reviews to anticipate. Our big item this week is recapping what we saw in Geneva and what might actually wind up in the US. Talk of Geneva moves us to anticipatory chatter about New York, mere days away. Thanks for your 49 minutes!

Cool videos: storing energy in magnetic fields, motors powered by sound

Who says you have to use chemical batteries in electric cars? Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage System or SMES is a way storing electrical energy in magnetic fields. Chubu Electric Power and Furukawa Electric are creating an SMES not for long term storage, which SMES are not great at right now, but for quick energy bursts. SMES can store and release lots of energy very quickly like a capacitor. You can see a

Big Block Fever: First Anniversary 427 Big Block ZL-1 on the block at Barrett Jackson

Monster motors were the order of the day in the late 1960s, and GM's 427 was a part of that class. The drawback to a big-block's burly output was, and still is, the increased weight of the engine. While big blocks are a hoot for straight line shenanigans, a small block car is often a better all-around performer. That goes out the window for most of us upon tapping that vast well of torque, and there was a solution direct from GM. The ZL1 was a 427 rendered in aluminum to save weight and

Chrysler recalling Sebring and Avenger yet again

According to the USAToday, the new Avenger has had its share of engineering issues, something that the publication allowed Chrysler to respond to in depth within its review. As if being publicly humiliated by one of the largest papers in the land wasn't enough, Damon Lavrinc

Spy Shot: Cadillac CTS-V engine bay

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