Tokyo Motor Show: Getting intimate with the Nissan Intima

Click the above picture for more pictures of the Nissan Intima concept

Last time I saw a car door opened at that angle it had been bent that way by a taxi, but here the Nissan Intima's doors are opened to such extreme degrees "to aid access and egress." The guy behind the concept was keen to impress that the outwardly rotating seats are not purely for use by the elderly and infirm, but are to help the rest of us in and out too. Quite how many able-bodied folk have the patience to wait 15 to 20 seconds to be dropped at the curb is open to debate however.

More likely to see production in the foreseeable future is the Intima's clean diesel V6, outlandish lights, and perhaps even the expansive windshield cum sunroof. More pics lurk beyond the link.

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