Cool videos: storing energy in magnetic fields, motors powered by sound

Who says you have to use chemical batteries in electric cars? Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage System or SMES is a way storing electrical energy in magnetic fields. Chubu Electric Power and Furukawa Electric are creating an SMES not for long term storage, which SMES are not great at right now, but for quick energy bursts. SMES can store and release lots of energy very quickly like a capacitor. You can see a demonstration video of SMES below the fold.

Who says you have to use magnet motors in electric cars? Also below the fold is a video of a Spherical Ultrasonic Motor developed by the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. The motor uses ultrasound and has multiple degrees of freedom of movement. The compact motors may be a part of robot joints and seems to use vibration and brushes. Another video below the fold is a sonic motor that uses a reverse-piezo effect.

Today, a vehicle with a SMES battery would not have a good range. Although it might be interesting to see if it could replace capacitors to output energy more power quickly. The low torque output of sound-powered engines won't replace regular magnetic motors any time soon. I would really like to hear that test drive anyway. Who knows, if the sonic motor cars work out, you could ditch the battery altogether and get energy wirelessly through the air.

[Source: YouTube]

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