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NYT reports chronic national shortage of automotive mechanics

Ringing your car dealer in to set an appointment – and being told openings are two weeks out – hints at the problem.

How an Automotive College Degree Benefits Your Car Mechanic Career

Automotive education programs are more popular now than ever before.

How to Get a Smog Technician License

One of the byproducts of burning fossil fuels is smog.

10 Best Brands for Automotive Tool Sets

Whether you’re a seasoned pro, years into your automotive technician career, or just starting out on the path – perhaps even still in auto mechanic school, there’s one thing you can’t do without – a good set of tools.

What Type of Scanner Should I Buy?

A big part of landing well-paying automotive technician jobs is mastery over the essential tools of your trade.

How to Use ALLDATA for Car Repair

Since 1986, ALLDATA has been making automotive technician jobs simpler thanks to their suite of powerful platforms and resources.

How to Use Mitchel ProDemand for Car Repair

For most automotive technician jobs these days, you’ll have a much easier time keeping customers happy if you use Mitchel ProDemand.

Should I Buy Electric Automotive Power Tools?

No matter what kinds of automotive technician jobs you tend to work, it takes the right power tools to do them correctly.

How to Maintain Automotive Power Tools

While there are all different kinds of automotive technician jobs throughout the industry, every mechanic needs a handful of power tools to do their job.

How to Diagnose an Inoperative Air Conditioning System Faster and Easier

Trying to diagnose the precise cause of an inoperative air conditioning system can be frustrating and very time consuming for most mechanics.

How to Get an EPA License as an Automotive Technician

The requirements for landing automotive technician jobs have changed a lot over the years.

Should I Get an EPA Technician Certification?

If you’re like a lot of mechanics, you’re almost always thinking about your job prospects.

The Best Tool to Scan for Extra Diagnostic Capabilities

As technology improves, automotive manufacturers strive to make things easier and more efficient when it comes to the operation of their vehicles.

The Best Tool to Reach Hose Clamps

Ask most mechanics what causes most skinned or burned knuckles, and they'll most likely say it was due to those hard-to-reach hose clamps.

The Best Tool to Diagnose Sensor Failures

The sensors that monitor fuel, electronic, and mechanic components that power today's modern vehicles are leading candidates for most problems that stimulate a phone call from a customer to an ASE certified mechanic.

The Best Tool to Eliminate Air Bubbles

One of the most difficult problems to identify when diagnosing an overheating situation is air bubbles that are trapped in the coolant system.

10 Best Online Stores for Automotive Tools & Equipment

When you’re fresh out of auto mechanic training and looking for your first automotive technician job, you’ll no doubt be looking to start building your tool supply.

10 Tools Every Professional Automotive Technician Needs

Every technician knows that tools are their single biggest investment…and a comprehensive set of pro tools goes far beyond the basics of a good set of wrenches, screwdrivers, and sockets.

10 Expensive Automotive Tools Worth the Investment

Of course a professional mechanic needs a lot of tools, and they need to be tools he or she can depend on – tools that won’t break or fail in the middle of a job.

10 Best Automotive Power Tools

Automotive power tools have been helping mechanics and freelancers tackle many different projects over the years.

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