Attention amateur mechanics: Here's a quick lesson in what not to do should your engine catch fire.

Shawn Prince posted video of his fiery mishap on YouTube on Monday. His first misstep comes when he tries to start the small block Chevy 350 engine hovering above his Mazda Miata. The first push of the ignition produced a serious spark, but he was undeterred. Even after flames burst from the engine he doesn't give up on getting the engine started. At one point he even reached over flames to hit the ignition.

He then removed the line to the fuel tank in hopes of starving the fire, but the resulting burst of flames made the situation worse.

Eventually he doused the flames with water from a hose, not ideal when dealing with gas and oil, but it does the job in this instance. Prince suffered first- and second-degree burns on his left side. He writes on YouTube that he does not have health insurance, and that he's posting the video in hopes that people can help him with his medical bills.

In posting it, he's also providing a valuable cautionary tale for others.

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