Reporters Test The Honesty Of Auto Mechanics

Every repair shop investigated offered free service

Auto mechanics have bad reputations for taking unsuspecting customers for all they're worth. One Today show investigation found that bad rap might be unfair.

On the show's 'Rossen Reports' segment, journalists investigate dangerous or risky consumer trends. To test mechanic's trustworthiness, the show let out the air in the tires of a 2010 Chrysler minivan until the 'check tire pressure' light came on. A female producer then took the van, fitted with hidden cameras, to dealerships, national chain repair shops and independent mechanics around New Jersey.

Out of all the mechanics tested, all of them told the producer that all the van needed was more air in the tires, a simple and often free fix. One mechanic even removed the tires to check for leaks for free.

According to the Today show the 'Rossen Reports' segment has never found one hundred percent honesty in their investigations before.

This time of year remember if you see a 'check tire pressure' light on your dashboard don't panic. Cold weather can actually lower tire pressure. The best fix is to simply add air.

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