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NASA's Mars Helicopter begins final testing before 2020 mission

The rover it will ride in on is the size of a compact car

The rover it will ride in on is the size of a compact car.

In an interplanetary first, NASA to fly a helicopter on Mars

Rotors will spin 10 times faster in Red Planet's thin atmosphere

NASA said on Friday it will send a small helicopter to Mars as part of the U.S. space agency's 2020 mission to place a next-generation rover on the Martian surface, marking the first time such an aircraft will be used on another world.

Watch as new SpaceX jumbo rocket shoots a Tesla into space

Images show Elon Musk's red Tesla Roadster in space, pointed to the stars.

"It's going to be an exciting success or an exciting failure," Elon Musk says.

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5 Of The Most Far-out Elon Musk Quotes | Autoblog

Elon Musk is known for his bizarre and wild ideas. Here are his top far-out ideas.

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Red Planet Rover Concept | Autoblog Minute

The Mars Rover Concept was revealed at the Kennedy Space Center on June 5th, 2017. Built by Florida based Parker Brothers Concepts, this vehicle offers look at what we could expect from a manned mars vehicle.

NASA's Mars 2020 rover will search for signs of past life

This is what the car of 2020 will look like... on Mars.

Lockheed Martin's school bus takes you on a ride across Mars

What better way to spark young students' curiosity than to give them ride on a bus that simulates a ride across the Martian surface?

Elon Musk wants to build an Internet in space

While opening a SpaceX office in Seattle, Elon Musk said that the engineers and software programmers in the Pacific Northwest outpost will be working on "a global communications system that would be larger than anything that has been talked about to date." That system would eventually be the start of a satellite communications initiative that would provide Internet for a colony on Mars.

Mars Rover draws giant phallus on Red Planet

From early cave paintings tens of thousands of years ago to the bathroom stall at our favorite bar, humans have probably been scribbling male genitalia on flat surfaces ever since we, as a species, first learned how to draw. While science has allowed us to do many great things, perhaps our finest moment came recently when NASA inadvertently drew a penis – captured in the image above – on the surface of the Red Planet. Checkmate to all

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk Plans To Send 80,000 People To Mars

SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk has made a very exciting announcement regarding his stated goal of traveling to Mars. Last week, while accepting an award for his contributions to commercial space travel at the Royal Aeronautical Society in London, Musk told of his plans to shuttle 80,000 people to the Red Planet.

In Detail: Mars Rover Curiosity

Just minutes from downtown Los Angeles you'll find NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), which houses some of the brightest minds in the world. It was this group that recently grabbed the world spotlight by successfully launching and landing the Mars Science Laboratory, which included the Mars Rover Curiosity.

Translogic takes a closer look at the Mars Curiosity rover

The Translogic team took some time to swing by the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory recently to chat with Ann Devereaux, the deputy lead for entry, descent and landing for Curiosity, the Mars science lab. If anyone knows what it takes to to move a project like Curiosity from concept to touch down, it's her. Over the course of the quick segment on the rover program, host Bradley Hasemeyer

In Detail: SpaceX And The Man Behind It

One brilliant man considers space exploration among a short list of areas most likely to affect the future of humanity. Can you guess who? Not a famous politician or an astronaut, at least yet; it was an eager entrepreneur named Elon Musk. The man is best known for co-founding PayPal and Tesla Motors, both of which are considered to be nothing short of revolutionary. But did you know that his greatest attempt at advancing humanity comes

World Report 9/16: Frankfurt Motor Show And More

Welcome to TRANSLOGIC World Report: Your weekly roundup of transportation tech news from around the web.

World Report, 7/22: Space Shuttle Atlantis Lands And More

Welcome to TRANSLOGIC World Report: Your weekly roundup of transportation tech news from around the web.

New Rockets Could Reach Mars (Really Fast)

VASIMR, short for Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (bless you), could one day transport astronauts throughout our solar system – specifically Mars – much quicker than ever before.