The Translogic team took some time to swing by the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory recently to chat with Ann Devereaux, the deputy lead for entry, descent and landing for Curiosity, the Mars science lab. If anyone knows what it takes to to move a project like Curiosity from concept to touch down, it's her. Over the course of the quick segment on the rover program, host Bradley Hasemeyer learns about the extensive real-world testing that went into bringing the rover to life as well as the staggering amount of computer modeling it took to prepare for the rover's descent.

While the Curiosity program is only supposed to last two years, NASA is currently looking into ways to bring samples from the red planet back to Earth. That will be a substantially more ambitious project, but with the brightest minds in the field on the case, we wouldn't put it out of the realm of possibility. Check out the latest Translogic episode below.

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