World Report 9/16: Frankfurt Motor Show And More

Welcome to TRANSLOGIC World Report: Your weekly roundup of transportation tech news from around the web. Frankfurt Motor Show

This week was chock full of automotive news from the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show in Germany. Automakers from Europe, Asia and the United States all gathered to give us a glimpse of the future of mobility.

Alternative fuel vehicles were a big part at the show. Mercedes-Benz celebrated 125 years of being in business with its super sleek, hydrogen-powered F-125! concept car and its B-Class EV. Fisker, maker of the Karma, unveiled its Surf concept, a plug-in luxury hybrid that slots in somewhere between a sedan and crossover. BMW showed off its i3 and i8 EVs.

Of course, the show was so much more than a few luxury alternative-fuel vehicles. For in-depth coverage of the entire Frankfurt Auto Show, check out our wrap-up and make sure to head over to Autoblog!


NASA Deep Space Rocket

This week, NASA announced plans to construct the most powerful rocket ever to fly in space. The rocket, scheduled to begin unmanned testing in 2017, will be capable of travel to the moon, asteroids and, ultimately, Mars.

Unfortunately, NASA has given this remarkable rocket a rather uninspired name: The Space Launch System. We think that the first vehicle capable of transporting people to the red planet should be called something a little more memorable. What do you suggest?


Electric Helicopter

New outlets are just getting wind of Pascal Chretien's first untethered, electric manned helicopter flight on August 12. While Chretien only "flew" about a meter off the ground, the feat is still the first in human history. Working with French firm Solution F, the helicopter was, remarkably, constructed in less than a year.

Read more about Chretien's chopper at GIZMAG.

[Autoblog Green via GIZMAG]

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