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Michigan bill would revive two popular retro license plate designs

The designs could bring considerable income for the state's highways

These trendy custom California license plates are illegal

They're vinyl wraps of official plates or replicas purchased online

Twitter bot posts the California DMV's vanity plate applications

It turns out you can't drive around with "FQ OFF" on your trunk lid

Michigan becomes third state to legalize digital license plates

They offer ease and customization, but they're not cheap

California pilot program allows front license plate stickers

Finally, a way to skip awkward front plate mounting and looks

Wright Brothers go the wrong way: Ohio bungles new license plate

A historical misstep, brought to you by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Maine begins process to remove the %&*@ from vanity plates

How Maine became the 'wild, wild, wild west of vanity license plates'

Mississippi sued for putting 'In God we trust' on license plates

'Antithetical to our values as Americans and unconstitutional, plain and simple'

Colorado is auctioning cannabis-themed license plates right now

Bids are being collected until 4:20 p.m. on April 20, of course

U.K. license plate 'O 10' sells for $170,000 at auction

The seller's grandfather was 10th in line at the license office 118 years ago

Michigan bill would bring back retro blue license plates

The white-on-blue design, as well as white-on-black, would command an extra fee

Utah scrutinizes vanity license plates after ‘DEPORTM’ uproar

Utah prohibits vanity plates that express contempt for any race, religion or political opinion

Personalized license plates that spark multiple complaints will get extra scrutiny in Utah amid questions about how a plate emblazoned with the phrase “DEPORTM” could be on the road despite strict state rules and previous objections. If more than one person reports a particular plate, it will now be flagged for extra attention and reviewed by the attorney general's office, said Scott Smith, who oversees the motor-vehicles division as executive director of the Utah Tax Commission. Among other r

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See the wild censored license plates the California DMV rejected

Including BMWHNTR, GASPASR and 808B8D

Including BMWHNTR, GASPASR and 808B8D.

Australians are the only drivers ever to leave the DMV with a smiley face

Emojis will be offered on license plates

Emojis will be offered on license plates.

'VETTE C8' license plate on eBay from forward-thinking California entrepreneur

This isn't the seller's only unique license plate for sale

This isn't the seller's only unique license plate for sale.

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