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World's slowest drifting looks like a ton of fun

How do they practice drifting techniques in Japan without the speed and the risks involved? They wait for the lake to freeze over and do it all real slow. The result looks like more fun than you could shake a stick at.

The List
The List goes racing on Speed tonight at 10PM EST/PST... honest!

Remember last Tuesday when we told you that a new episode of The List was going to air on Speed that night? Yeah, well... sorry about that. Scheduling snafu. But Autoblog's series is back on network television tonight after a week off for special programming.

The List goes racing on Speed tonight at 10PM EST/PST [UPDATE]

This week's episode of The List on Speed brings together two episodes of the series that highlight some unique forms of four-wheeled competition. The first is the 24 Hours of LeMons, in which hosts Jessi Combs and Patrick McIntyre, compete on a team that dredged the depths of British automotive history to find their race cars.

Nissan Juke-R goes ice fishing in Norway

There's something about the boffins over at Nissan – particularly those working at its racing headquarters in the UK. We're not quite sure what it is. Oh, right: they're bonkers. Absolutely off their rockers, in the best way possible. How else would you explain the decision to take an entry-level crossover and swap out its powertrain for that of a supercar?

The List
The List #0032: Go Ice Racing

Despite the unusually warm winter we're having this year, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to have Jessi and Patrick check ice racing off The List. So we sent them to New York to meet our good friend and ice-racing expert, Engadget.com editor-in-chief Tim Stevens, for an inside look at this very special and frigid sport. Thanks to the courtesy of the Adirondack Mo

Who said the KTM X-Bow isn't good in snow?

As we head towards the second half of February without having had a real winter here in the Midwest, we'll admit to being ticked off. Those Blizzaks we bought for our long-term Mini Countryman? We haven't had much chance to put them to use. Nor have we had any occasion to enjoy the singular pleasure of driving a massively overpowered sports car on an icy road, enjoying Jeff Sabatini

Dacia challenging Andros Trophy with new Lodgy MPV ice racer

Typically when an automaker makes a new rally car – whether for gravel, sand, snow or ice – it's based on... well, a car. Usually a hatchback, like the Subaru Impreza, Citroën DS3 or Volkswagen Polo. Lately, some have been going a different route with crossover-based rally cars, but Noah Joseph

Video: How the Swedes make a VW Scirocco (hint: 627 horsepower)

Volkswagen Scirocco Ice Racer – Click above to watch video after the jump

Trophée Andros Electrique kicks off sophomore season in the snow

Now that Winter has arrived at the doorstep of the Northern hemisphere, it's time to put the ice and snow that's already in full effect in the French Alps to good use. That's right, the sophomore Trophée Andros Electrique season starts up this weekend with the first event being held at Domenick Yoney

Villeneuve heading to France to go ice racing

There are any number of racing series around the world that are eager to welcome former F1 drivers onto their grids – and Jacques Villeneuve has tried nearly all of them. Traditional outlets have included DTM and Le Mans, to name just two, but lately retired grand prix drivers have found their groove again in such varied series as NASCAR and the World Rally Championship.

There Will Be Mud: An express course in ice racing with Subaru

Subaru Ice Racing School - Click above for high-res image gallery

Face Off at Center Ice: 2010 BMW S 1000 RR [w/video]

BMW S 1000 RR with studs – Click above to watch the video after the break

Video: Nicolas Prost wins first electric Andros Trophy

Andros Electric racing – Click above to watch video Domenick Yoney

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