World's slowest drifting looks like a ton of fun

Drifting can be a whole lot of fun, but for the novice, it can be hard to keep up without losing control. So how do you get your practice in without the risk? On ice, of course!

To hone their skills, the Team Orange drifting squad heads up to Yachiho Lake at a national park in Nagano while it's still frozen. They plow out a course in the snow, put down some pylons, and have at it. The conditions simulate what it's like to drift at speed, but on the slippery surface (and without studded tires like they'd use in Scandinavia) it all happens at a walking pace, so there's a nice fat margin for error, plenty of time to react, and little risk of harm or damage if you get it wrong.

Plus they use old beaters – rear-drive with mechanical diffs but no turbos – so the worst thing that can happen is they get beached in a snow drift. (That's what those cords hooked up to the trunk are for.) No need for helmets or harnesses.

Noriyaro, a Gaijin racer in Japan, headed out to Yachiho to check it out, and thankfully brought a video camera along to capture the experience. Check it out in the nine-minute clip above and tell us this doesn't look like the best way to spend the winter months.

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