Who said the KTM X-Bow isn't good in snow?

As we head towards the second half of February without having had a real winter here in the Midwest, we'll admit to being ticked off. Those Blizzaks we bought for our long-term Mini Countryman? We haven't had much chance to put them to use. Nor have we had any occasion to enjoy the singular pleasure of driving a massively overpowered sports car on an icy road, enjoying every fishtail, opposite-lock correction and powerslide, all while traveling under the legal speed limit, of course.

So what do we do to console ourselves? Watch videos on YouTube like this one, featuring the KTM X-Bow doing a little ice racing with an accompanying motorcycle/quad tandem. We love that this X-Bow's owner is out getting down and dirty in the cold – and that he's willing to pull his buddies on a tube behind his race car.

Click past the jump to watch the video.

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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