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The first Andros Electric Trophy season has wrapped up and Nicolas Prost can lay claim to winning the first professional electric racing series ever held. His 250 points were 23 more than the nearest competitor after three sets of races on seven different tracks. The son of Alain started the season with a podium finish behind Marlène Broggi and race winner Jean-Baptiste Dubourg, despite being new to the ice, and found his way to the top spot by the second event at Grandvalira in Andorra. Although the competition was tight, Prost managed to return to the podium's peak with a dominating frequency that made him the outright favorite early on.

The drivers as a whole really seemed to enjoy a great sense of camaraderie at the Andros Trophy (or as they say in the official language of the series, la Trophée Andros Électrique). They were impressed by the vehicles and many are on record as saying they forgot all about the unique powertrain once the green flag dropped and their right feet pushed floorward. Between the races, there was expressed satisfaction of the environmentally improved nature of the event and lots of mentions of the electrically-powered vehicles being the "future of racing."

The eight copies of the Andros Car 03-Evo 2 built by Exagon Engineering held up quite well and put their torquey (147 pound-feet) 90 kW (122 horsepower) Siemens AC motors to good use, rounding the seven different circuits only a couple seconds slower than their long-established gas-powered marquee'd-marque-built cousins. There was the odd failure but considering the nature of the events, with the cars frequently banging into snowbanks and each other, the battery-powered buggies proved quite robust. To get a taste of some of the electric ice-racing action, check out the boat-load (10!) of videos waiting for you after the jump.

[Source: Trophée Andros]

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