Now that Winter has arrived at the doorstep of the Northern hemisphere, it's time to put the ice and snow that's already in full effect in the French Alps to good use. That's right, the sophomore Trophée Andros Electrique season starts up this weekend with the first event being held at Val Thorens. As you might imagine, last year's winner, Nicolas Prost, has stated his intention to retain his title. If he pulls it off, he'll likely receive the trophy at the Stade de France. The series has a high profile finish planned for the French national stadium.

While the Andros car is still in its 800 kg (1764 lb) Evo 2 form, with a 90 Kw (122 horsepower) Siemens motor and Saft lithium batteries, the field has been increased to twelve machines. Exagon Engineering, the builders of the snow-spewing buggies, still seem to have added weight to the adage that racing improves the breed. The company displayed the very sexy, very electric Furtive-eGT at this year's Paris Motor Show. We can only imagine there is some amount of cross-pollination between the two programs. Hit the jump for video of this year's traction-seeking contenders showing how they roll.

[Source: Trophée Andros]

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