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If you want to buy a Toyota GR Super Sport hypercar, you'll have to answer some questions first

With only 20 to be built, Toyota's going to be selective about its owners

Ferrari returning to Le Mans top flight with hypercar in 2023

Ferrari last entered the top category at Le Mans in 1973

McLaren's next hypercar won't arrive until the middle of the 2020s

The next Ultimate Series model and more mainstream models will be hybrids

Electric hypercar maker Mate Rimac says SPAC funding could damage industry

'You can get so much money now for companies that do not have a product'

A surge in the use of special purpose acquisition companies (SPAC) for raising money for electric vehicle start-ups could harm the long-term prospects of the industry, Mate Rimac, founder of electric hypercar maker Rimac, said on Thursday. Managers of SPAC companies are not held to the same level of liability about potential growth prospects as managers who raise cash via an initial public offering (IPO) on equity markets, spurring concerns about an investor bubble. "When we go public, I want

Porsche's unreleased hypercar sketches show what could come after the 918

These are some of Porsche's most extreme projects to date

New rules drafted to merge all the hypercars for Le Mans, Daytona, IMSA, WEC

Questions remain, but a comprehensive premier class just got closer

SCG 007 hypercar to swap twin-turbo V6 for twin-turbo V8

French engine maker Pipo Moteurs developing custom V8 with 750 hp

Veneno Roadster, One:1, One-77, LaFerrari, P1, Veyron headline 25-car Bonham's auction

Stunning collection was seized by European authorities

Stunning collection was seized by European authorities.

Bugatti La Voiture Noire is suspiciously silent leaving Geneva

And the brake calipers move with the wheels

And the brake calipers move with the wheels.

Mercedes-AMG considering Lewis Hamilton edition for One hypercar?

Hamilton says he'd give it more power and make it louder

Mercedes-AMG Project One details revealed in private session with 'Top Gear'

Friendly seating, faster to 124 mph than a Bugatti Chiron, and room for a smartphone

Friendly seating, faster to 124 mph than a Bugatti Chiron, and room for a smartphone.

Hennessey hires John Heinricy as chief engineer for Venom F5

Veteran GM performance engineer and racer has deep resume

The veteran GM performance vehicle engineer and racer has a deep resume.

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