Bugatti La Voiture Noire is suspiciously silent leaving Geneva

And the brake calipers move with the wheels

Fellow plebeians, now is our one chance to chuckle at the most expensive new car from a production manufacturer ever made. The $18,795,716 Bugatti La Voiture Noire was captured leaving the Geneva Motor Show floor, and it appears Bugatti still has a lot of work to do on the one-of-one custom supercar. Not only did the car seemingly move by electric power, the brake calipers are seen rotating with the wheels.

Blogged by AutoEvolution, YouTuber SellerieCimes was walking around the Palexpo convention center following the Geneva Motor Show as manufacturers cleaned up and prepared their vehicles for transportation. At any auto show, that's typically a great time to see some of the cars in motion, which adds a new dynamic to certain rare vehicles that are carefully guarded and only seen at a stand-still.

Take the La Voiture Noire, for example. Bugatti was one of the biggest talks of the show after debuting an eight-figure supercar inspired by one of the most elegant cars ever made, the Type 57 SC Atlantic. But Bugatti wasn't fully prepared to show a finished product, so it put a display car on the stand for show. According to The Verge, the full engineering and homologation process will likely take another 30 months to finish.

The Noire lifted its mask in this video. There is no startup or exhaust sound when the car is driving, leaving us to believe the show car had some sort of electric motivation in order to move short distances.
Furthermore, a closer look at the wheels will reveal the calipers rotate, meaning they aren't functional. AE also pointed out that the exhaust tips were just for show.

The finished Noire will surely be a masterpiece and live on in automotive history for the rest of our lives. But it's still funny to see such an expensive car with fake parts.

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