Mercedes-AMG considering Lewis Hamilton edition for One hypercar?

Hamilton says he'd give it more power and make it louder

After Mercedes-AMG debuted the Project One showcar in 2017, the Germans announced in late 2018 the car would enter production, complete with a name change to simply, "One," as in bringing Formula One technology to the road. It's hyped as being a new level of performance in a road-going production car, with loads of technology, including a Formula One-sourced hybrid powertrain. And Lewis Hamilton has his hands all over it.

In an interview with Top Gear, Lewis Hamilton said, "it doesn't make sense not to do it" in regards to a special-edition Mercedes-AMG Project One created under his supervision. Whether or not AMG would actually build one is still under consideration.

As Mercedes-AMG's champion Formula One driver, Hamilton not only publicly debuted the car and is the face of the marketing campaign for the One, but he essentially tuned the engine through his racing. Hamilton also recently told T op Gear that a One with his custom touches is in consideration. Mercedes-AMG says it will build 275 examples, but there's potential for a special-edition One LH.

"I want to do a special LH Edition," he said. "I've already spoken to them about it, and they're considering it. It doesn't make sense not to do it, considering we've won the world championship."

Hamilton said he'd change numerous things on the car, including a louder exhaust and adding a body kit. He also would want more power, if he had it his way.

It doesn't sound like this is in extremely serious stages yet, but the fact that it's a possibility is interesting. Check out more details and quotes at Top Gear.

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