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Gordon Murray's T.50 gets a soundcheck and a website

Three-cylinder mule of the 3.9-liter V12 tries out 12,100 rpm

Gordan Murray's T.50 supercar partly revealed with its fan-assisted aerodynamics

It follows in the fan wake of the Chaparral 2J and Brabham BT46B

Gordon Murray's superlight T.50 supercar: 650 hp Cosworth V12, manual transmission

A bit over 2,100 pounds, with a $3 million price tag

A bit over 2,100 pounds, with a $3 million price tag.

Gordon Murray T43 sports car to use 215-hp three-cylinder Ford engine

That's 18 more horses than the Fiesta ST in a car 900 pounds lighter

That's 18 more horses than the Fiesta ST in a car 900 pounds lighter.

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Gordon Murray's reborn F1 will reportedly have a V12 and a manual

'Nobody's done another McLaren F1 since the F1'

'Nobody's done another McLaren F1 since the F1.'

Gordon Murray's IGM is his next driver-focused sportscar

Here's what we can tell from looking at it.

Details are scarce, but it looks like it'll be quite fast. It'll use Murray's iStream production process, too.

Gordon Murray, F1-driven production and .. the Pontiac Fiero

While the Fiero doesn’t have the McLaren F1 pedigree, it does share something with the supercar's designer.

Hulki Aldikacti and his team on the Pontiac Fiero created what might have been an engineering approach well ahead of its time.

McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray creates his own car company

He plans a lightweight flagship.

He plans a lightweight flagship.

McLaren F1 25 years later: Designer Gordon Murray reflects on his classic creation

Turns out becoming the fastest road car was sort of a happy coincidence.

How beer kegs helped create the modern pit stop

They were full of something more potent than beer though.

Gordon Murray's flat-pack truck is a long way from the McLaren F1

You'll still need an Allen wrench.

Powered by a small diesel mill out of a Ford Transit, the Ox can carry just over two tons of cargo or up to thirteen passengers in its versatile covered cargo bay.

TVR shows off its new carbon fiber chassis

It's got the Gordon Murray touch.

The once-dead manufacturer kept its new car covered at the London Motor Show, but here's an image of car, chassis and engine.

Gordon Murray's city car redesigned with help from Shell

The latest version of the T25 city car debuts at the Beijing Motor Show.

The T25 was thrifty before, but the new version wearing a Shell suit is even fitter.

TVR one step closer to sports car production

Blackpool company will announce new factory imminently.

TVR will likely build the factory for its upcoming sports car in Wales, and production will begin in early 2017.

TVR's launch model will offer carbon-fiber chassis

The first of four new models that TVR will launch over the course of the next decade will offer a carbon-fiber structure made using Gordon Murray's iStream process.

Gordon Murray designing Cosworth-powered TVR revival

TVR has signed Gordon Murray Design and Cosworth to help launch a new line of sports cars, with the first claimed to launch in 2017 and three more to follow within 10 years.

Gordon Murray, Shell working on 97-mpg Project M concept

It's A 'Rethink' Of The T.27

Gordon Murray and Shell will unveil a small, high-mpg concept urban car called the Project M in November.

Gordon Murray's MOTIV.e City Car still in the running

Car designer Gordon Murray, known largely for his work in Formula 1 and with McLaren, says progress is going well for the development of the John Beltz Snyder

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McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray no fan of hybrid supercars

You'd think that the extreme performance, engineering and technology of hybr

Polish man builds McLaren F1 replica in his shed

A Polish man, Jacek Mazur, describes himself as an amateur mechanic. We think that's an understatement, based on what he built - an pretty awesome replica of the legendary McLaren F1. This isn't some Fierorarri type deal, either.

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