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This Ferrari themed roller coaster is the fastest in the world

This coaster provides "the thrilling sensation of being in a Ferrari F1 car"

This coaster provides "the thrilling sensation of being in a Ferrari F1 car."

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This is the tallest and fastest hybrid roller coaster in the world

Steel Vengeance has already broken 10 world records

Steel Vengeance has already broken 10 world records.

In a hurry? Try one of America's 5 Fastest Roads

Everyone has that one road they trust. The road where traffic is light and speeds are high. Unfortunately, such roads are exceptions to the norm. Often, we're stuck taking routes where the average speeds are slower than the posted limit. Ever wondered which American roads are the best in terms of average speed? Forbes put together a list of five routes that it

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Spy Shots: BMW thinks FAST

BMW loves long strings of characters that somehow swirl together to create the name of a specific vehicle in its lineup. We don't, however, and would love to see names like the Z4 sDrive35is give way to easier-to-understand nomenclature, alphanumeric or no. To that end, our spy photographers have managed to snap some shots of a new hatchback/wagon that could help restore a bit of naming sanity, and it goes

GM FastLane Blog responds to NY Times: Saturn still viable

We don't get it. Saturn has done an amazing job transmogrifying itself into a productive division for The General, and people are wistful for the Saturn of yore? In internet parlance, WTF? Three years ago, it would have been apt to predict that Saturn would be nearly done circling the drain by now and well on its way to the same fate as Oldsmobile. What has in fact happened has been an impressive brand renaissance, invigorated by GM's smart utilization of its global operations. Jerry Garrett opi

WIRED's Top 10 fastest green cars (one goes just 30 mph?)

WIRED has compiled a list of fast green cars. The magazine looked for the fastest cars that ran on a type of green fuel or no fuel at all, like the Volvo Aria in the picture above. That car runs on gravity and won the 2005 extreme gravity race. Ethanol, steam, hydrogen, electric, solar, gravity, human power, wind - they're all in WIRED's list. Of course, Autoblog and AutoblogGreen have covered all of these great, green cars. Except for the Nuna4 solar car

Rumormill: New Fast and Furious movie on the way?

Because the first three were such highly regarded cinematic art, The Fast and The Furious franchise may expand to a fourth waste of film movie. Currently, the project is in development by Universal, and nothing for production is nailed down. Rumors will suffice in lieu of real facts, though.