WIRED's Top 10 fastest green cars (one goes just 30 mph?)

WIRED has compiled a list of fast green cars. The magazine looked for the fastest cars that ran on a type of green fuel or no fuel at all, like the Volvo Aria in the picture above. That car runs on gravity and won the 2005 extreme gravity race. Ethanol, steam, hydrogen, electric, solar, gravity, human power, wind - they're all in WIRED's list. Of course, Autoblog and AutoblogGreen have covered all of these great, green cars. Except for the Nuna4 solar car, which we somehow missed. Below is WIRED's list with links to our coverage of these cars. Alongside the links are the speeds the cars reached. We were disappointed to see that the White Zombie and especially Buckeye Bullet did not make the list. So, we just might have to make a fastest list of our own. Please vote for your favorite fast green cars in the comments.
  1. Ethanol Viper 220.7 MPH
  2. Steam Inspiration 215 MPH
  3. Hydrogen Ford 207.3 MPH
  4. Diesel Audi 204.5 MPH
  5. Hybrid Prius 130.8 MPH
  6. Electric Tesla 130 MPH
  7. Solar Nuna4 80 MPH
  8. Gravity Aria 54 MPH
  9. Humancar 30 MPH
  10. Wind Venturi 31 MPH
[Source: Wired]

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