Left lane drivers of America want you to move over. You know who you are

A couple of years ago I was motoring down the highway at something above the speed limit, when I noticed in my rearview mirror that a Kenworth had snuck up on me. It's not easy for an 18-wheeler to sneak up on anything, but he was simply going so fast that one moment he wasn't there, and the next moment he was. The other surprising thing in the mirror, beyond that giant grill inches from my bumper, was a little sign just below the Kenworth logo that read "Move Over." Which I did. Quick smart.

Well, the "Move Over" movement isn't just for truckers anymore. It's gone mainstream with the Left Lane Drivers of America, whose mission it is "to get that left lane back!" from the slowpokes, cowpokes, and any other pokes who might be using it to do something other than pass the cars on the right. There are states where using the left lane only to pass is a law. However, like laws against jaywalking, it often, frustratingly, goes unheeded. Left Lane Drivers offers "Move Over" windshield stickers to let folks know what they need to do when you rock up behind them. It's even got an arrow so people know exactly where they're supposed to go. While we're all for anything to reduce road rage and the frustration of having to do 2 mph under the speed limit, we have a sinking feeling that some might see it as more automotive bullying and drive even worse out of spite. Maybe a "Move Over Pretty Please With A Cherry On Top" sticker could work better?

[Source: Left Lane Drivers via Winding Road]

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