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Surprising cause of infant deaths: Car seats used for naps when not in car

They're a safety device in a vehicle — but not when they're not

They're a safety device in a vehicle — but not when they're not.

Congress considers mandating alerts that there's a child in the back seat

More than 800 children have died in hot cars in the past 20 years

More than 800 children have died in hot cars in the past 20 years.

Watch toddler in carseat tumble from moving car

Child was OK after the seat goes flying

Child was OK after the seat goes flying

Maxi-Cosi AxissFix Air is the world's first child seat with airbags

It's expensive, but worth it

The world of child car seats is vast and varied. There are dozens of companies that offer hundreds of options, each offering different levels of protection for smaller occupants. Maxi-Cosi, one of the first companies to introduce child seats in Europe back in the 1980s, has introduced a new level of protection with its AxissFix Air. It's the first child seat with a built-in airbag.

Infant car seats, child booster seats: Here are 9 of our favorites

There are lots of choices, but here are a few we love

We've included our favorite infant seats, convertible seats and booster seats.

Wisconsin woman accused of driving with child on minivan roof

He was holding down a wading pool.

He was holding down a wading pool.

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Luftikid Child Safety Seat | Autoblog Minute

Luftikid is an inflatable child safety seat.

Is it Safe and Legal to Leave Your Kids in the Car?

You’ve heard the tragic stories of children left in hot cars during the summer.

How to Anchor a Child Safety Seat

Keeping your family safe in your vehicle is of paramount importance, no matter where you are.

Child Seat Safety Laws in All States

According to the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP), children under the age of 13 should always ride in the backseat of the car, in a car safety seat appropriate for their height, weight, and age.

Child Car Seat Laws For All States

The American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that children under the age of two ride rear-facing in a child safety seat.

How to Register Your Child's Car Seat

If your child rides in a car safety seat, it’s a good idea to register the seat with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or your car seat manufacturer (if not both).

How to make your car's seat belt comfortable for kids

All 50 states have child safety seat laws that require young children to be harnessed into approved child safety seats when in the car until they reach a certain age or a specified height and weight.

How to Check a Car’s Child Safety Seat

Method 2 of 2: Check a forward-facing child safety seat installation Step 1: Check the position of the safety seat in the car.

How to Keep a Child From Unlocking Seat Belts

Getting kids into the car and buckled in can be a hassle in and of itself, and once the little ones figure out how to unbuckle their own seat belts then there is one more thing to look out for.

On and Off the Road: Parents' Guide to Car Safety

Keeping children safe in and around vehicles requires constant attentiveness for parents.

Car Features for Parents-To-Be

Congratulations, you have a baby on the way! It’s an exciting time in your life -- once you’ve gotten over the panic of being responsible for a little life, that is.

How to Identify Any Car You See

Have you ever looked at a car driving by or parked on the side of the road and thought, “I wonder what that is?” You’re not alone.

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