Consumer Reports admits mistakes in testing child seats

Say what you will about Consumer Reports, but for many they are THE source for product-buying advice. So earlier this month, when CR said most (10 out of 12, actually) rear-facing chid safety seats failed their side-impact tests, people paid attention.

One group of people who woke up was the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA). They questioned whether CR's testing methods accurately replicated a 38 mph side-impact crash. The NHTSA says CR's tests were closer to a 70 mph crash than a less violent 38 mph. CR immediately retracted the initial report (which you can read here) and says they will re-test all safety seats. The non-profit organization did, however, stand by their initial judgements of the Evenflow Discovery and Eddie Bauer Comfort seats and says they are not safe. CR says the Evenflo doesn't meet crash standards and the Eddie Bauer could not be installed properly.

Thanks for the tip, Vinnie!

[Sources: CNN, Consumer Reports]

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