Every day, 1.8 billion children go off to school. And every day, 500 of them won't make it home again, killed in traffic accidents. That's the startling and tragic statistic, provided by the World Health Organization, that's prompting the FIA to take action. And they're raising awareness with the short film above.

Called Save Kids Lives, the three-minute film is directed by French screenwriter and filmmaker Luc Besson, who you may know for having created European-flavored action movies like The Fifth Element, The Messenger, and The Professional, as well as popular franchises like Taken and The Transporter. Clearly Monsieur Besson knows a thing or two, then, about telling dramatic stories on the big screen. And now he has applied his talents toward the campaign of the same name as the film.

The effort is spearheaded by Jean Todt – the former head of Ferrari, current president of the FIA, and the UN Secretary General's special envoy for road safety. In circulating the film, the FIA Foundation hopes to garner enough digital signatures for its online petition to compel world governments to take action at the Global High Level Conference on Road Safety coming up in November. Whether you decide to lend your name and voice to the campaign or not, you may want to watch the short video above. Just be warned that the scenes can be shocking and it's not for the faint of heart.

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