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Lexus crafts working IS sedan out of cardboard [w/video]

This full-scale Lexus IS is made out of 1,700 laser-cut sheets of cardboard, and actually works - from the opening doors and functional cockpit to the rolling wheels and electric motor.

Behold, a bicycle hewn from cardboard

A bicycle is a pretty low-impact form of transportation, but what if you could reduce its environmental footprint even further? What if, instead of metal and rubber, it was constructed completely of cardboard? Impossible, you say? Maybe not, we reply. Indeed, we have proof.

It's Friday: Can cardboard increase your mileage?

It's been proven that simple aerodynamic mods can make a big overall difference on your fuel economy, though the results can't always be described as pretty. Thanks to a tip from a reader, we can again see that enterprising drivers can make easy modifications to the exterior of their vehicle in an effort to cheat the wind. Make sure you use something really light weight, like... say,

Wisconsin police use cardboard cut-outs to slow speeders

Neenah, Wisconsin has such a speeding problem that it can't keep up. Even with a full court press of law enforcement, drivers continue to speed and have even sped by other motorists receiving their obligatory revenue-production invoice. In an effort to keep drivers on their toes while also leaving time to fight real crimes, the Neenah PD will post cardboard cutouts that look like an officer pointing a radar gun in strategic locations. Like something out of Weekend At Bernie's, the paper