A bicycle is a pretty low-impact form of transportation, but what if you could reduce its environmental footprint even further? What if, instead of metal and rubber, it was constructed completely of cardboard? Impossible, you say? Maybe not, we reply. Indeed, we have proof.

Izhar Gafni had heard about a canoe made of cardboard and there was something about the notion that he just couldn't let go of. It eventually came to him that he should try to build something equally as unexpected with the stuff: a bicycle.

The challenge was about as difficult as you can imagine, but the Israeli inventor now has a rolling prototype and the backing to commercialize it. Although it reportedly only requires about $9 of raw material, the finished product might cost somewhere between $60 to $90 when (Okay, if) it finally goes on sale. The plan is for this to happen around the end of 2013.

While we sit and ponder what kind of box it might come in, scroll below for a nicely produced little movie about the man and his improbable project.

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