It's Friday: Can cardboard increase your mileage?

It's been proven that simple aerodynamic mods can make a big overall difference on your fuel economy, though the results can't always be described as pretty. Thanks to a tip from a reader, we can again see that enterprising drivers can make easy modifications to the exterior of their vehicle in an effort to cheat the wind. Make sure you use something really light weight, like... say, cardboard. Keep it out of the rain, avoid speed-bumps and don't go too fast and you should be good to go. While you're adding the air splitter up front, consider a faux hood scoop as well as a comically-enlarged rear wing -- each of them will not only improve your aerodynamics but are sure to add a few horsepower each. Without a doubt. Thanks for the tip, Pedro and Robb!

[Source: Make Blog]

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