F1 car replica made out of Puma shoe boxes – Click above to watch the video after the jump

All sorts of companies shell out big bucks to have their name associated with Formula One racing, whether by sponsoring individual teams, supporting aspiring drivers, or erecting trackside billboards. But their sponsorship deals are only worth as much as they're promoted. Which goes a long way – a full race distance and them some – towards explaining all the innovative ways companies find to highlight their involvement, whether technical or commercial, with the sport.

Puma is one of those brands most commonly associated with F1, and the German sportswear company's promotions never fail to entertain. Having already recreated a Ferrari grand prix racer out of folded up t-shirts, Puma's at it again, only this time they've repeated the feat using only shoeboxes. Yep, ordinary shoeboxes. The craft was undertaken by British designers the Wilson Brothers, and will be displayed at the new Puma store on North State Street in Chicago. But if you're not planning on visiting the Windy City anytime soon, you can check it out in the video after the jump. Thanks for the tip, Robin!

[Source: Wilson Brothers Design]

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