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Seattle man builds fence around car-share vehicle on his property

Someone left it there without permission, so he's seeking storage fees

Someone left it there, so he's seeking storage fees.

Chicago Car2Go app reportedly hacked, some 100 cars missing

Stolen cars used to commit crimes, says CBS Chicago

CBS Chicago is reporting that some of the missing cars have been used to commit crimes.

E.U. executive conditionally approves Daimler, BMW car-sharing deal

They'll each hold 50% of the joint venture

They'll each hold 50% of the joint venture.

Daimler, BMW to combine car-sharing businesses

They're preparing for autonomous and electric mobility

FRANKFURT — German carmakers Daimler and BMW have joined forces to expand their businesses in new services such as car-sharing and electric vehicle charging, raising their full-year guidance to reflect the deal.

BMW negotiates Daimler alliance, buys out car-service partner Sixt

German automakers could join forces against Uber and Lyft.

BMW aims to have 100 million customers for "premium mobility services" by 2025.

Run the Jewels star in Car2go 'Proud to Share' campaign

El-P shows Killer Mike around NYC in a Car2go Mercedes-Benz GLA.

It's the first of several "mini-documentaries."

Car2go San Diego's latest 'update' is to shut the whole thing down

Point-to-point car sharing service lasted five years.

The fun ends on New Year's Eve, 2016.

Car2go finds huge customer base waiting in China

Over 78,000 use the little Smart Cars in Chongqing after just two months.

Car2go says that it is growing faster in its first location in Asia than it did in North America or Europe.

Someone is tipping over Car2go Smart ForTwos again

The smaller the car, the easier it is to mess with it.

By the looks of it, Seattle Car2go Smart Fortwos need a "This way up" sticker on them.

Moovel debuts in US, marking another mobility shift for Daimler

RideScout, GlobeSherpa are now part of Moovel North America.

Mercedes-Benz parent brings Moovel ride-sharing division to the US buy acquiring two startups.

BMW moves car-sharing program from San Francisco to Seattle

BMW wants to ensure their products get driven, even if they are shared.

BMW has chosen Seattle to be the first city for its new ReachNow program, which is an overhauled version of the earlier DriveNow car sharing program available in San Francisco.

Car2go kills all-EV fleet in San Diego, replaces it with gas cars

Car sharing group blames the lack of charging infrastructure for the change.

Car2go says it can't provide its electric car sharing fleet with enough energy, so it's switching over to gas vehicles.

GM buys failed ridesharing company for less than $39m

Purchase Of Sidecar Comes After GM's $500m Investment In Lyft

Sidecar, self-proclaimed inventor of ridesharing, didn't survive in an Uber world. Now GM is swooping in to pick up the pieces.

Car2go introduces four-seat Mercedes B-Class vehicles

New Vehicles In Canada Follow European Car2go Black Service

The Car2go car sharing service is getting a little more roomy by offering Mercedes-Benz B-Class in pilot program in Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver, Canada. It's the first time in North America the company is renting a model with a rear seat.

Car2Go expands service in New York City

By-The-Minute Carsharing Now Reaches Into Queens

Car2Go is growing from Brooklyn into several areas in the borough of Queens to expand the car-sharing service's reach in the Big Apple. It's also adding 100 more Smart Fortwos to the fleet to cope with the additional users.

Daimler teaching teens to drive with EVs, offers Car2go access

Daimler is offering German driver's license tests in electric vehicles. Once you pass, you can also get access to local Car2go carsharing program.

Portland Car2go carsharing program adds, what else, bike racks

Video Shows That The ForTwo Fits Guitar In Back

Car2go adds bike racks to about half of its Smart ForTwo fleet in Portland.

San Diego Car2go fleet replaced with 400 2014 Smart Fortwo EVs

400 2014 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Vehicles Will Replace Carsharing Fleet

Car2go is replacing all of its EVs in San Diego with new 2014 Smart Fortwo EDs, ahead of the refreshed model's arrival in the US in 2016 or 2017.

Car2go now has 1,000,000 members

12,000 Carsharing Vehicles Have Gone 136 Million Miles

Turns out, 1,000,000 people sharing 12,000 cars can have a big impact. Now that Car2go has claimed the seven-digit member figure (disclosure: I'm one of those million), the Daimler-owned carsharing company is, ahem, sharing a few figures in the traditional infographic format. Click the image above to enlarge it.

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