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Portland Car2go carsharing program adds, what else, bike racks

Video Shows That The ForTwo Fits Guitar In Back

Yes, you can indeed fit a guitar in the back of a Smart ForTwo. That's one of the side lessons we learned from a 95-second video that Daimler's carsharing division Car2go has posted about adding bike racks to a good chunk of its fleet in Portland, OR. Beyond that, the video had a nice tutorial on how to strap on a pair of bikes to the back of a really small car. Looks like it's not all that difficult.

The details in the video are sparse, but Oregon Public Broadcasting has elaborated on Car2go's plan to affix bike racks to the back of about half of the Portland-area's fleet of 530 vehicles, which makes sense given that biking is a bit of a religion up there.

Daimler launched Car2go in Portland during the summer of 2012, kicking things off with about 250 vehicles and 6,000 members. Since then, the fleet has doubled while membership has multiplied by a factor of five. And a good 40 percent of that membership has said it regularly bikes, hence the new racks. We get the feeling a fair number of those folks are musicians as well, hence the guitar. Car2go operates in 15 US cities. Check out Car2go's video above.

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