Someone is tipping over Car2go Smart ForTwos again

The smaller the car, the easier it is to mess with it.

Reportedly, a Car2go ForTwo was tipped over in Seattle on Wednesday, and the Denver police are currently investigating five incidents.

"Technically, yeah it is cow tipping, but I'm hoping that it doesn't catch on," says Car2Go customer Daniel Martin from Seattle.

"Car tipping" has been a thing ever since microcars became widely available last century. Many a BMW Isetta or a Mini owner left for work only to find their vehicle lifted to another spot or tipped over. In Europe, where plastic-bodied, diesel-engined quadricycles are popular with teenagers too young for a full driver's license, the light vehicles can sometimes be found lying on their roof or on their side – and it's not uncommon for Dutch microcars to end up in the country's numerous canals.

Smart cars are especially vulnerable in the eyes of troublemakers, and Car2go ForTwos repeatedly fall victim to night time shenanigans. Multiple vehicles were also damaged during Vancouver's hockey riots in 2011. San Francisco has also had its share of not-so-Smart car vandalism, and the image above shows a car being inspected after a 2014 incident during a "spree" of Fortwo tippings.

Car2go says that if your rental car is found not sitting on its wheels, they should be contacted so a solution can be found. Trying to lift a 1,800-pound city car by yourself isn't the kind of morning workout anyone needs.

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