Daimler's Car2go carsharing service has seen its ups and downs. The company made news a couple times when people where tipping over its Smart Fortwos. Last year, the company shut down its service in San Diego. Still, Car2go has proven to be successful overall, and it now has 2.9 million members and 13,000 vehicles in 26 locations around the world. Now, Car2go is showing what it's like to live with its carsharing service through a number of short documentary-style films as part of its "Proud to Share" campaign. The first features hip-hop duo Run the Jewels touring New York City in a 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLA.

In the film above, New York native El-P shows fellow rapper Killer Mike around town. They talk about how the city has changed, and how the locale played into the beginning of El-P's (and Killer Mike's, from a distance) hip-hop career. He also takes his partner to eat at Frankel's Delicatessen in Brooklyn.

Of course, the third star of the short film is Car2go. "There's a big difference from when we were growing up," El-P says in the video. "You couldn't just find a whip that you could just jump into in the middle of the street."

The "Proud to Share" campaign continues with more short films featuring musicians, caterers, a florist, a baker and a birth worker who use Car2go in different cities in the U.S. and Canada as part of their daily lives.

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