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From Russia with love (by way of Germany): The Rousseau-Balt Impression!

Alright. So we’re a little shaky on our Russian, but we know an eye-catching piece of road sculpture when we see one. Enter the Rousseau-Balt Impression, a German conceived custom teardrop throwback with a heart of gold Mercedes. To be revealed today at the Concorso d'.Eleganza Villa d'.Este in Italy, the retro-mobile is the handiwork of the GERG GROUP, a design and prototype haus that has worked with companies like Audi, Seat, Bosch, and Eurocopter.

Forgive us for getting a bit lost in the translation, but as far as we can ascertain, this is a carbon-fiber chassis four-seat coupe, with its motivation courtesy Mercedes-Benz’s CL 65 AMG. Interestingly enough, the rear is said to be suitable for use as a sleeping compartment.

While built by a Deutsch concern, the Rousseau-Balt Impression appears to have been conceived by a team of Russian engineers and designers, thus its assertion as a Russian automobile.

The company plans to build around 10-15 copies based on the concept seen here.

Plenty of photographs and background at the link.


(Top tip, Greg!)

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