Electric-three wheeler propelled by a pair of power drills

It isn't everyday you can say power tools let you speed in a school zone. Well, with the EX trike and all of it's DIY-goodness, you certainly can. And more. Topping out at about 18 mph, this Frankenstein appliance is part bike, part Bosch power-screwdriver and part ridiculous. You know you like to have a good time when your only means of control is twisting your body to try to slow down and turn the back wheel. Luckily, brakes are mechanically controlled through the handles, as is the throttle. Fortunately, for the safety of the public and of drill-powered-vehicle enthusiasts, this trike is just a prototype and will never go into a production. Check out the gallery below to see more of this crazy contraption.

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[Source: Nilsferber Via: Engadget]

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