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Alaskan woman takes dead husband on road trip

An elderly woman from Alaska apparently felt that late was better than never and took her recently deceased husband on a little road trip through The Last Frontier.

California Woman Finds Neighbor's Body In Trunk

Police unsure how long body had been in trunk or how it got there

In a bizarre case in Riverside, California, the body of a man was found in the trunk of a car outside of a Walmart, and no one knows how it got there.

What supercars would look like if they were designed by engineers [w/video]

Often, engineers are forced to sit and watch as accountants and stylists wreak havoc on a vehicle's design. GrabCAD recently decided to turn the tables by giving engineers the chance to pen a body for a ready-made chassis by 500 Group. The site was flooded with 200 unique designs completed in just 40 days. The top quarter of those went on for final judging in two categories: street and track. 500 Group will then actually produce on

Jean-Luc Moulène turns Renault Twizy into wild Body of art sculpture

The styling of the funky all-electric Renault Twizy Z.E. has inspired artist Jean-Luc Moulène to create a just-as-funky contemporary sculpture.

Acura NSX replacement still delayed due to design issues

Here's the only firm detail about the new Acura NSX: it will have a new ten-hole engine. While the designers have been trading bodyslams and suplexes over what the next Honda supercar will look like, engineers took the opportunity to collaborate about wrist pins, valve geometry, and vee angles. Everyone involved does acknowledge that it has to look right, thus the contention. Time has not yet slipped through Acura's fingers, and the company wants to avoid the stagnation that leaves a 2005 NSX lo

Solstice F430: Abomination or Pontiac perfected?

click above to view more images of the Solstice F430

Connaught and Caparo conspiring on Type-D

Connaught's getting help from a fellow British sports car maker to get the Type-D to market next year. Caparo's vehicle engineering division, which does much the same thing as Lotus - supplying parts and engineering services to customers, will build the steel and composite chassis for the Type D. Caparo will also supply the body panels to Connaught, and production is planned to begin in June 2008. Connaught's original plan was to have a supplier based outs

Become a car designer, just $19.99!

From time to time we've all been tempted to purchase that fake diploma from the endlessly circulating email, right? The last time I checked, though, they weren't offering fake certificates from the Art Center College of Design, or the Academy of Art University. If you still held onto the dream of someday shaping cars, even after all your sketch pads had been confiscated, the normal path was that you'd go to an insti

JE Design intros Audi TT 8J body kit

JE Design has gone and messed with the Audi TT. The changes are subtle, which is good, because it's hard to improve upon the TT's form. The JE kit will surely draw mixed reviews, though we like that their kit still lets what's good about the car shine. There's new pieces for the chin spoiler in front, adding strange little vents at the leading edge of the wheel opening. We can't imagine that they actually serve any purpose – perhaps they vent heat from the foglamps? We're sure tha

Volvo, Ford to help out with Aston's Rapide

This is cooler than the Marcos. Aston Martin is calling on Volvo's formidable safety expertise to help develop the forthcoming Rapide. Volvo's safety systems will be integrated into the new four-door Aston, which means we should look to see an active stability control system and possibly some of Volvo's newer tricks like blind-spot monitoring, collision avoidance and at-the-ready brakes. Volvo's skill at developing a strong safety ca

More Prius body styles on the way

Toyota is planning on expanding the Prius range with several new body styles based on the trendy hybrid sedan. Currently, the company is considering adding a wagon and a Smart-style city-car, with the possibility of a crossover hybrid utility vehicle in the future.

Woman finds that dead body is the source of her steering problems

A young woman from Ecourse, MI was driving through Detroit at about 1AM on Friday morning when she noticed that something was wrong with the way her car was handling. The teenaged driver pulled over into a nearby service station, thinking that she had a flat tire, when it was discovered that the problem was indeed much worse - a dead body was wedged into the vehicle's front suspension.