Woman finds that dead body is the source of her steering problems

A young woman from Ecourse, MI was driving through Detroit at about 1AM on Friday morning when she noticed that something was wrong with the way her car was handling. The teenaged driver pulled over into a nearby service station, thinking that she had a flat tire, when it was discovered that the problem was indeed much worse - a dead body was wedged into the vehicle's front suspension.

Apparently, the deceased was the victim of a prior hit-and-run, and had been left lying in the road when the second driver came along and snagged the corpse with the undercarriage of her vehicle. It's estimated that she drove about two miles with the body dangling underneath before realizing that something was wrong. She will not be charged for any wrongdoing, and the perpetrator of the hit-and-run is being sought by police.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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